The menu of the restaurant and pizzeria Il Pomodorino is varied and suitable to meet the needs of the most demanding palates: vegetarian pizza, vegan pizza, Gluten Free* pizza. The mixtures, prepared with calm and care, rest 72 hours before being enveloped by the warmth of the wood stove, a key element for a plate of the Mediterranean tradition. In fact the high temperatures reached, allow for quick cooking that gives to the Il Pomodorino pizzas the typical fragrance of the Neapolitan tradition. The wood carefully selected, enriched with its aromas of pizza dough, and the choice of authentic and fresh ingredients, tickling the imagination and taste buds of the good food lovers. The skill of the pizza chef blends all the elements (dough preparation, cooking techniques, wood oven management) and his personal touch to create one of the Italian culinary art symbols. Restaurant Pizzeria Il Pomodorino wants to offer to those who want to eat pizza in Siena, the possibility of tasting one of the best in the heart of its historic center. At Il Pomodorino can also take advantage of the take away service.
* The restaurant does not have the AIC certification to sell products for celiacs.

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